To be a driver of state financial management to achieve the national objectives through qualified and beneficial audits.


- Auditing the management and accountability of state finances freely and independently; and
- Carrying out organizational governance of integrity, independency and professionalism.


In ensuring the achievements of the vision and mission, two strategic objectives are set,namely:

- Increasing the benefits of the audit results to promote the management of state finances to achieve the national objectives; and
- Improving qualified audits to promote the management of state finances to achieve the national objectives.


The achievement of the vision and mission shall be carried out by all employees based on the following core values:

We build integrity by being honest, objective and firm in applying principles, values and decisions.
We uphold institutional, organizational and individual independence. In conducting audit tasks, we are free from personal, external, and / or organizational interference that can affect independency.
We build professionalism by applying the principles of prudence, thoroughness and accuracy as well as complying with applicable standards.
Vision and Mission are included in the Strategic Plan.