To be a trusted audit institution that plays an active role in fostering state finance with high-quality and useful financial governance to achieve state objectives


- To conduct audits on state financial management and accountability to provide recommendations, viewpoints and advice
- To promote corruption prevention and expedited state loss settlements
- To implement a transparent and sustainable corporate governance to become a role model for other institutions.


Improved quality and usefulness of state financial governance


Increased use of recommendations, viewpoints, and advice on state financial management and accountability, as well as the settlement of state losses supported by high-performing corporate governance.


The formulation of the Vision and Missions of the BPK 2020–2024 Strategic Plan is based on the core values applied in carrying out BPK’s duties and responsibilities. All BPK employees will always uphold the core values of:

The value of independence is always upheld high in implementing institutional, organizational, and individual tasks and responsibilities. In conducting audit tasks, the auditors are free from personal, external, and/or organizational interferences that may affect their independency.
The value of integrity is built with the upfront of honesty, objectivity, and firmness in implementing principles, values, and decisions.
The value of professionalism is developed by applying the principles of prudence, thoroughness, and accuracy, as well as complying with the standards.
Vision and Mission are included in the Strategic Plan.